What’s going on

The headline is also known as a song performed by the late Marvin 

Gaye who’s got absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this text.
The last two weeks the executive board’s been busy with the General
Assembly of The National Union of University Students in Finland
(also known as and later referred to as SYL) where our member Niina
Jurva got elected to the next board of SYL.

Yesterday (Wed 28.11.) we also sang a melancholic song about the
possible effects of tuition fees at the university with several
other fellow students in Linna and in Alakuppila because it was Free
Education Day. Other actions included handing out ”tuition fee
bills”, spreading flyers and projecting videos of speeches of
Finnish politicians’ promising that the education would stay tuition
free for all students in Finland, forever.

There was also a panel of candidates running for the executive board
of your student union Tamy in 2013. From my point of view it was
quite interesting to follow but personally I would have wanted some
international student roasting them a little more. Not because I’m
mean but it would have given some extra taste about how well they
know about non-Finns’ concerns. Some of them gave the impression
they’d know all about that field, maybe someone could have proved
that first impression right.

Also you now have still got some days to apply for the committees of
Tamy! There are many you can apply for. Please don’t be be shied
away from them thinking that they only will work in Finnish! You’ve
got time until Sunday the 2nd of December! For more information,
please have a look at: http://www.tamy.fi/node/3533?language=en

Also my beloved Culture Sector wants to find new chairs for next year:

Yours truly,
Paavo Ylönen, member of the executive board of Tamy 2012

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