Did you know there will be only one university in Tampere? — Neither did we!

For your information,

A steering group formed by principals and chairs of the Tampere area universities has, by itself and without dialogue with university executive boards or student unions, published  the below announcement, which gives the impression that a new joint university is being built to Tampere. It was still this morning that principal Kaija Holli assured in the University Collegiate Body morning session that the university cooperation report process is not an urgent matter and that all plans are still open. A week ago on Monday 6 October in the University Forum and on Friday 10 October in the meeting between Tamy and the principal, Holli has also said that the only information available on the subject is that the report process is underway.

The announcement below gives a very different impression. Tamy is shocked by how the process is pushed forward without including the university community in the preparation. The University of Tampere Board has not made any decisions regarding the release of the announcement below or its content.

Tamy is now appealing to all members of the university community in the name of democracy and openness. A decision like this cannot be made without a democratic procedure and the participation of all relevant parties. This kind of procedure removes the basis for any deeper cooperation. In Tamy’s opinion, this is a repetition of the same mistakes that were made in the university legislation and structure reform, of which the university community has still not recovered. This process takes authoritarian leadership to a whole new level, as it does not only concern the University of Tampere, but the entire university community of Tampere.

Tamy will do everything in its power to stop the process from proceeding in this way and to ensure that all relevant parties are included in the report process.

An announcement published today in the University intranet:

Unique model of higher education developed in Tampere
published 15 October 2014 2:14 p.m., Katja Kannonlahti (edited 15 October 2014 3:55 p.m., Katja Kannonlahti)

Tampere will become the home of a new, multidisciplinary higher education community with an international presence that responds to the needs of the society, industry and the labour market.   Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and the University of Tampere (UTA) have joined forces to build a unique model of collaboration between higher education institutions.

The three higher education institutions (HEIs) have a mission to develop a multidisciplinary, inspiring and internationally attractive research and learning environment that is built on a solid foundation of scientific and technological expertise.

The HEIs will form an academic community that offers students a broad range of avenues to pursue both theoretical and practically oriented studies. A further goal is to create an internationally recognisable degree structure and multidisciplinary curricula. A strong financial footing and strategic leadership will promote the pursuit of excellence in research and education and maximise positive contributions to the society.

Unique profile

In spring 2014, the HEIs invited experienced industry executive Stig Gustavson to identify the areas of research with the greatest potential for international excellence and propose measures that could be taken to tap into this potential. The existing strengths of the institutions were found to lie in social sciences, engineering, medicine, economics and their novel combinations.

A working group comprising vice presidents Mikko Naukkarinen (TAMK), Jaakko Puhakka (TUT) and Harri Melin (UTA) continues the process set in motion by Stig Gustavson, who will serve as an advisor to the steering committee made up of the presidents/rectors and chairs of the board of the respective institutions.

The working group will prepare a proposal that outlines the profile and research areas of the academic community made up of the HEIs and the degree programmes that cut across institutional boundaries. In addition, the proposal will describe how the three-pronged mission of instruction, research and outreach can be supported and include a plan and schedule for implementing the project.

The working group will appoint subgroups to look into the different aspects of the collaboration and maintain a continuous dialogue with the steering committee. The proposal will be completed in May 2015.

Further information:
Rector Kaija Holli, tel. +358 50 395 1199, kaija.holli@uta.fi

The announcement in the University of Tampere Intranet.

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